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How's your sleep?

Getting a good night's sleep is critical to a healthy life. Not only does it improve mood and decrease risks for conditions like hypertension, diabetes, insulin resistance and heart failure but it also aids in weight maintenance.

Some foods that help to calm and promote sleep:

Asparagus, bananas, chamomile tea, dairy products, nutmeg, nuts, salmon, tart cherries, oatmeal

Items to avoid that hinder sleep:

sugary foods, alcohol, caffeine, high fat foods, spicy meals

According to research, there are practices you can implement to promote healthy sleep, such as:

* turning off all electronics (phones, TV, computers) at least one hour before bedtime

* exercise everyday...whether its a good morning run or a walk around the block

* go to bed at the same time each night

Sleep deprivation can have lasting effects on ones health and is linked to many negative health issues as outlined above. People who sleep less or get poor quality sleep tend to carry more body weight. Exercise is the top recommendation for improving sleep quality.

For more detailed information, check our the National Sleep Foundation. The Foundation has been the leading expert voice in the world of sleep science and health for nearly thirty years.

Article adapted from Nutritious Life Pillars.

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