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8 Habits for a Nutritious Life

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Remember, it is not just about food; health and wellness is about the whole body.

(by Nutritious Life Studio)

1. Drink Up

Water, water, water....When you are properly hydrated, your metabolism is at its think more clearly, you fill more full and therefore, not eating when you are really not also have more energy during the day. Our bodies are 50-75% water...we need to keep it hydrated.

2. Eat Empowered

Don't think about what you can't have, think positively and eat what is nutritous. When you focus on how good you feel fueling your body with the best foods(fresh, organic, whole foods), you will continue to be motivated to eat these foods. When you eat well, you feel good and you want to exercise; when you exercise you feel better and sleep better, etc....And, always eat organic foods as much as possible.

3. Live Consciously

The environment around us can impact our health, mentally and physically. Get rid of the clutter in your life...make way for the good things...the things and places that make you feel good. Create a happy environment.

4. Love More

You get the picture...cuddling and good relationships make you feel better, making you a happier, healthier person. Show a little love and kindness every will do wonders for your attitude.

5. Nurture Yourself

Treating yourself to that manicure, massage or walk in the park...this may do wonders for your emotional and physical health and well-being. So, pamper yourself...its okay!

6. Sleep Deep

When you are well-rested, you feel better and make better choices. When you are not well-rested, your defenses are down and you are more likely to make bad choices in eating, relationships, job is all connected. Good quality sleep is so important...6-8 hours a night for most people.

7. Stress Less

Stress increases the level of the hormone cortisol in the body, which may make the body crave carbohydrates (like high sugar carbs) and store fat around the mid-section. Make time in the day to reset and unwind...try an 8 count breathing technique or go for a walk get the exercise from the walk and vitamin D from the sunshine.

8. Exercise

Exercise is so important...not only for burning calories, but also for improving mental awareness and good attitude. Exercise promotes longer lifespan, reduced stress, lower risk of disease, stronger bones, and lower BMI.

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